Sunday, December 5, 2010

Napier Marine Parade

The Marine Parade is an interesting place. They have a massive Skateboarding Park, lots of interesting sights, a wonderful fountain which unfortunately was "closed for cleaning". 
One could almost spend a day just in this area.
From there we drove through to Napier where I met up with a second cousin for the first time. She had been adopted at birth and had only just gotten to know her "Birth" family.
Then on through Taupo to Rotorua where I met up with a fellow photographer.We visited briefly then decided to head for home.
Rotorua holds an attraction for me, for that is where I was born.

Arts on Parade
In 1887, Robert Lamb, an early Napier architect and engineer from Darlington, England designed a plan for much of the Marine Parade. Although few of his houses remain, this block of houses has been preserved in the spirit of "Napier - the Art Deco City"

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