Sunday, January 30, 2011

International Buskers Weekend

Had an interesting trip to Auckland to photograph some of the Buskers. 
The powers that be decided that Anniversary weekend was a great time to "stop the train service for maintenance". It was also a bad call on our part to catch a "Rail" bus.
We have two routes to Auckland on the rail. One, reasonably quick through Newmarket (about 35minutes) and the other taking a lot longer through Orakei.
Well, of course the bus went through Orakei stopping at every station and the trip took almost 2 hours.
I might also add that that we must have bounced on every bump and rut on the roads.

 The Cowboy.
Entertainer, Sword swallower, Acrobat and Juggler

Duke Dreamer
Light Hearted and Cavalier

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wright's Water Gardens

Havent been to the Water Gardens for at least 2 years. They have a large variety of Succulents, lots of Lotus Blossoms, Waterlilies and many other interesting objects to view. Didnt get to see many Dragonflies but I was more interested in the Lotus Flowers.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Manurewa Botanical Gardens

Yet another day, and back to searching for Dragonflies once again. They were in the ponds, but were having none of us. The larger flies were born to tease. They would fly by, settle in the water, and the moment that I tried to focus on them, they would move on.
However I had more luck than yesterday and managed to score a few photos.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Another very hot day and off to find Dragon flies.  The first stop was the Botanical Gardens in Manurewa where I live.  Sure, we found dragonflies but they very very fast and very small.  The results were disappointing  and hardly worth putting on my Blog.

Auckland Zoo

Yesterday, as my daughter was up from Wellington, we decided to venture forth once more to the Auckland Zoo. With cameras at the ready, we braved the very hot sun.  Alas we were quite disappointed. Only part of the Zoo was accessable as it seems to be having a major "Make-over" and because of the heat the rest of the Zoo appeared to be having a siesta.

Interesting tree trunk

Shame really, as this is the second time that this has happened. Needless  to say we didnt get many photos.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Far North

Journeyed to Paihia to visit with friends and family.

My daughter was staying in Paihia with family, plus we have very dear friends living in Whangarei, so combined they were a great excuse to take the camera and visit. Whilst we were in the area we visited the Treaty House and enjoyed the hospitality of their facilities

The weather was extremely hot and reminded me of the last time I was in the area when the temperatures were also uncomfortable.

Whaka  at Waitangi

Whangarei Falls

Haruru Falls

Haruru Falls

Rainbow Falls

Did a lot of driving and visited many  waterfalls. Now back home processing the result..

Monday, January 3, 2011


Family of the friends that we visited with




Awhitu is a Surf Beach on the West Coast of New Zealand.  It is a fascinating place and a dangerous beach.
Every time I visit I see that more of the Coastline has eroded

Interesting shape in a small pond