Sunday, January 30, 2011

International Buskers Weekend

Had an interesting trip to Auckland to photograph some of the Buskers. 
The powers that be decided that Anniversary weekend was a great time to "stop the train service for maintenance". It was also a bad call on our part to catch a "Rail" bus.
We have two routes to Auckland on the rail. One, reasonably quick through Newmarket (about 35minutes) and the other taking a lot longer through Orakei.
Well, of course the bus went through Orakei stopping at every station and the trip took almost 2 hours.
I might also add that that we must have bounced on every bump and rut on the roads.

 The Cowboy.
Entertainer, Sword swallower, Acrobat and Juggler

Duke Dreamer
Light Hearted and Cavalier

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